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Our production facility and Online Formulator help entrepreneurs translate an idea into a retailer-made food supplement.

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Online Formulator

Create your supplement instantly with our Online Formulator. Do this in four easy steps:

1. - Select recipe
2. - Customize your recipe
3. - Choose packaging
4. - Request a free quotation


Would you like extra support with the development of new products and/or concepts?

Top 10 Supplements

Get started right away with our top 10 scientifically supported supplements with your own label!

03 Testimonials
"For the development of Orise Vitamins, EHF Production helped translate the latest scientific insights into our food supplements."
Jac Orie, Trainer/ Coach Jumbo-Visma skating team and founder of Orise Vitamins
"As the owner of an orthomolecular supplement brand, it is enjoyable to work with EHF Production because of its good service and expertise."
Henk Wittenberg, owner Fytocura
"With the development of BioDetox, EHF Production advised me on the entire product, from recipe to sustainable packaging choice!"
Cynthia van Schendel, founder BioDetox/Medipraxis

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