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01 Services


02 Concept Consultancy

If you are looking for distinctive product(s), or would like to have a review of your existing product(s), we kindly invite you for an introduction with us.

Our expertise lies in:

Development of recipes (and reviews) based on scientific research and legislation;

  • The development of dosage form (including capsules, tablets, powders, flavors, molds, etc.).
  • The development of innovative packaging;
  • The development and licensing of Intellectual Property (IP), whether exclusive or not, whereby products are upgraded to an integral and unique concept. This may involve the development of nutritional and training principles in protocols, in which desired metabolic signals can be enhanced with food supplements - and undesired metabolic signals can be prevented.

Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation via or +31 010 4420417

03 Frequently asked questions

Can you fully develop my recipe?

If you need full support in the development of a product, we are happy to help. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the fields of lifestyle, medical biology, and food technology enable us to turn ideas and concepts into products. Feel free to contact us for the options.

Do you also offer support with packaging projects?

Sure! The packaging is crucial for the appearance and marketing of your product. Because we have semi-automatic packaging machines, we can also process provided packaging. We also offer a wide range of packaging solutions in our formulator.

Can I view all specifications of raw materials and products?

Sharing knowledge is extremely important to us, which is one of the reasons why we have developed an accessible tool such as our Online Formulator. This allows you to put together a supplement in no time. In the Online Formulator, you can also view the specifications of the products you ordered.

Because we work intensively with our suppliers, we can see the specifications of all the raw materials used!

Do you also draw up food safety plans?

As a brand owner, you are obliged to compile a food safety plan. In this plan, you indicate how you guarantee the food safety of your product(s). We can put you in contact with various agencies that can manage this for you.

Is support also offered for the development of the label?

When developing and launching a new product, the label is vital. As a brand owner, you are responsible for all texts and expressions on the label, such as recipes and any claims.

We support you with this using a product formulation where all ingredients and excipients are listed. We can also bring you in contact with a food advice agency that provides support with the checking of statutory texts on labels.

Please contact us - We'd like to hear from you!

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