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01 EHF Production Team

We are Production

Our team of experts in lifestyle, food science, and medical biology provide high-quality products and tailored advice.

By using our EHF Online Formulator, you can immediately get started formulating your dietary supplement. The EHF Production team is happy to share its years of experience in the field of purchasing, quality, production, and packaging.

Using its global supplier network, EHF Production offers a complete portfolio of raw materials. Production takes place in our advanced clean-rooms in Rotterdam. Your food supplements are made according to HACCP, ISO22000 and FSCC22000 guidelines.

In part due to our trade association, Nature and Health Products Netherlands (NPN), we are always up to date with the latest legislation and regulations: all this information is made available in the EHF Online Formulator.

Jeroen Janssen
Production Director
Jeffrey Vroegindeweij
Head of Business Development
Remco Verkaik
Product Consultant
Nicolette van der Wulp
Production Manager
Levi Risamasu
Production Manager
Ferdi Spierings
Quality Manager
Sally Cruz Garcia
Inside Sales
Marcella Rietveld
Strategic Purchaser
Esra van der Heijden

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