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Especially from the therapeutic market, including orthomolecular therapists, there is a preference to use capsules. A much-heard argument is that capsules are easy to take, and fewer excipients need to be used. However, this is not always the case, mainly when a capsule contains relatively little active material. Therefore, the choice of a tablet or capsule has to be made carefully, in which cost, swallowability and taste play an essential role.

Our capsules also offer a solution when it is not possible to produce tablets, as some raw materials - such as plant extracts in high doses - have such limited binding properties that capsules are the only solution when producing an Oral Dosage Form. Besides, raw materials can be sensitive to high pressure released from tableting machines, such as probiotics and vitamin K2.

More about the difference between tablets and capsules can be found on the 'Tableting' page.

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